Building Community Through Art

Through Art

The Ashburn Art Circle

held its inaugural meeting in November 2009 with over 20 artists and photographers from Ashburn and the surrounding area in attendance. The group held its first annual exhibit in May 2010 and has been busy establishing an exciting future for the community and art lovers alike.

Our vision, says founder Martha Weber, is to develop and share individual artistic pursuits
through encouragement and constructive critique of fellow artists. Our vision also includes
community outreach and support through the use of art.

Our primary goals are to:

Build a broad-based membership of artists and photographers from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Sponsor workshops, invite guest speakers and organize trips to exhibits and galleries.

Create and promote one or more exhibits open to the general public each year.

Develop art-based activities that would be beneficial to various community groups.

We are proud to report that recently our commitment to community received recognition and
generous support from Mayor Perkins Community Development Fund.